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What do our customers talk about us?

Emilia Clarke
Ritesh Shah
MD, Just Buy Cycles
"We approached Rejola IT Services in 2012 with a unique Stock related challenge that our organisation was facing. After clearly understanding our situation we were offered with a simple but extremely efficient system that helped us monitor and manage our stock status at each of our branch location. Since then we have been obtaining various other modules too from them and have been extremely happy and satisfied with their solutions and service.."
Emilia Clarke
CEO, KMK Foods
"We are in the production of soft drinks. We have been growing steadily. Initially we were comfortable using Excel sheets to handle all our production and operations. However, when were grew to a considerable size, we found it extremely difficult to handle complete operations on Excel sheets. We were on a desperate look out for software solutions that could handle our complete processes. After having reviewed various vendors and their solutions, we chose Rejola IT Services. They took a great deal of time to understand each and every step of our process and custom prepared a software solution uniquely for our organisation and delivered the complete package within 30 days. We have been using the software for over a year now and are amazed with its simplicity and its power in handling our complete operations seamlessly."
Emilia Clarke
Founder, That-One- Card.
“In one word, Rejola personifies perfection. I like the perfect approach. Next thing, is its founder, Mr. Thomas John. I like the way you represent the company. I like the way you place Rejola on your chest, closer to your heart. So, you are always branding for your company. You are always on the lookout. I always like your follow-up with your clients. You treat your clients very well. Like I said earlier, in the wedding card industry, other shops don’t pamper their leads like us. Pampering doesn’t mean only sweet-talking them, but also giving them what they want and being consistent. Giving them the assurance that their end product is going to be perfect, and everything is taken care of. I, as a business partner, outsource projects to you and I know that is in safe hands, and it is going to be a success.”
Business Consultant, AVMR Business Process Consultancy
“The best part of Thomas is that he always listens to understand and not listens to reply which differentiates him other vendors. Whenever I say something, as we have worked on a very big project, he knew the development of the system completely but still I was giving lot of suggestions on everything, he was patiently listening to it and he has given as a feedback. The result is that the system has come up well and the customer was able to get the fullest benefit of the system. I always tell people that there will always be a gap. The vendor who doesn't understand the potential of the technology of the system, will try to push what they want or what they have and what they know. But when it comes to Thomas, even if he doesn't know, he’ll try to understand and he’ll learn. The best habit which I want to learn from the Thomas is that he reads books regularly and he learns things which I don't follow and he will implement it. The most beautiful part is that he will not take months or weeks, he’ll get back to us in one or two days. And I would say it comes without a price tag.”
Financial Advisor and Millionaire Coach
“It is the persistence. As a Director Consultant in BNI, we sit in leadership team so that we can support our fellow members in their business for six months. During that time period we had to analyse every member so that we could help them improve their business and in decision-making. It quite tough to get data from BNI Connect and go through it. After you had started sending emails it has become quite easier to concentrate on member who needed more referrals, or members who haven’t received ‘thank you’ notes or business. Everything is clearly shown in dashboard and I am able to analyse easily. Even in the Chapter that I am supporting, they are able to take decisions by themselves. I just need to monitor them and advise when needed. It made my life easier in BNI. With Rejola Tools, the daily post that you put ‘Automation Makes Life Easier’, is actually true. With automated system everything that comes to our mail or changes in a month is shown in the dashboard. It made life easy for all of us.”
Thas Mohan
Founder, Swift ProSys Pvt Ltd.,
“The First thing that like is your response. Like I do it to my clients, you too respond immediately and implement on it and notify immediately as soon as the job is done. It is very an important aspect from customer’s point of view. I have referred you to a US client. Because of your good service, you stay in my mind and I am to happy refer you to people who need Websites and software. Even though I passed our requirements in rough manner in Word doc, you have drafted it such a manner that we all liked it very much especially membership page with highlights. I and Aashiq were amazed by it. Though we had our doubts at beginning, we amazed by your understanding towards your client’s needs and response on time.”
Founder, RS Constructions.
“Just like said in my field, price, quality and time of delivery are the most important aspects, you have gone one step further than us by being 100% perfect in all of your ways. We wish you all the best in moving to next higher levels.”
Founder, Se-Multipliers
“Working with Thomas for past one and half years have been phenomenal. Being in this industry, finding somebody who is credible is difficult. Me and team are amazed your credibility factor. The second thing that amazed me is the timely delivery. For example, If I say that I need the project to be done on a certain date, they make sure that the delivery is done on that particular date. This aspect lacks in many of the vendors that I work with. The third thing is the quality of work. As clients, we are bound to ask them to do multiple changes, without thinking too much, they do all the changes. Because at the end of the day, they want us, customers to be happy and satisfied, and the final output needs to be good for them. Your team has been doing a great job. The website was completed within 48 hours and it looks phenomenal. Thank you so much.”
Founder, IT companies
“I would say Rejola is Trustworthy and they are known for ‘Man of words.’ If they say, they would deliver, they deliver on time. The next thing is the responsiveness. At any point of time, you guys were responsive. Whether it is a small issue or a big one, you respond to it immediately. The next point is ownership. It is not like you develop a software and deliver it off. You take the ownership of that project. Please continue doing so. I like this aspect of Rejola very much. The major point is that you are building the right team in Rejola. You have the right kind of people in your team. You are trustworthy and responsive. It is not like I tell you what to do and you do it. You suggest and come up with ideas that would be the best for my company. Like when I came up with the project, you give me 2 or 3 options to choose from. This is what is like about you and I believe this differentiates Rejola from others. And I believe Rejola has a very good future. Hopefully will continue this relationship long-time.”
Nanda Kumar
Wellness Mentor
“If I had to describe Rejola in three words, then it would be Commitment, sincerity, and perfection. You have an amazing team with you. I have known you for past 4 years. I like the way you share your commitment. The thing that I admire about Rejola is also something that I believe too which is ‘what you do is not for you alone but is also for much larger cause’. This is something that every entrepreneur should believe in. It is not for his happiness and pleasure alone that he is doing service or selling the products, there should be a larger cause of serving his community or the people around you. And I see that larger purpose in Rejola. This impressed me about Rejola. And I would recommend Rejola to anybody for that matter.”
Hema Manu Anand
NLP trainer
“The first thing that stands out about Rejola IT Services is the people that you have got. You have got an amazing set of people. Durga who worked with me was really sweet. You request for something or ask a question at any time; they actually respond to you without a small sign of frustration or irritation. Especially for a non-IT person like me, when she tells me something, I have no idea what she is saying. It was like we both were talking Greek and Latin. I would probably ask dumbest question possible, but she never express frustration or says ‘how come you never know this’, or kind of expression not even like mm.. or ahh.. She completely treated me as if I am a valuable commodity and my question is the best the question that she had ever heard in her life. So, the people you have got is your greatest asset. The second one is your commitment to work. At beginning of the project, you told that you would require certain amount for time for designing and then a certain time-period to run it on a trial bases where we make changes and tweak a bit according to needs. You really kept your word. Whatever Rejola commits to their customers, they deliver it, may be more and above rather than under-performing. So, I love your commitment. The third thing that I enjoyed is the follow- up that we get. Durga would always follow-up with me. Like whether I am happy with service and is there anything that she could help me with. As a managing director, even though you had a lot on your plate still you too did as well. When I told you, I want my business to scale up before I could take up, you did sell it to me. The best sales person is the person with whom we are attracted to and want to buy from him rather they screaming and asking you to come. That is what Rejola does. Your quality is so good that if I want to enhance my service, I would definitely come to Rejola. I have the liberty to ask, this is my budget and is what I want. And you would sit and workout with me and follow-up with me. So, you got a very good structure where there is good customer service and consistent follow up and the commitment that you guys keep up. These are three things that would strongly recommend Rejola for. And I know, there are so many service providers and with different pricing ranges, the thing that differentiates a great company from others is their customer service. And I can definitely vouch for Rejola. At Rejola, the moment you have question or a concern, within 24 hours they would get back to you. In the market where there is so much competition, Rejola definitely stands out as one of the best.”