Over 10 years we help companies reach their financial and branding goals. Rejola is a values-driven solutions provider for all your  challenges.



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Why do we do
What we do?

Increase Productivity

Employees usually work for 3 to 4 hours effectively in a day. We would love to see the world with employees being committed and dedicated like the Business Owner and grow along with the organisation.


A business leader spends close to 65% of their time in day to day mundane activities. These activities can be effectively delegated to team members and the Business Leader can free up their time to focus on growing the organisation

Better Customer Service

Business exists for its customers. Having a Software in the business helps the business to focus on this most crucial aspect of business and ensures that the customers are satisfied with their products and services.

Minimise Losses

Inefficiencies in an organisation eventually leads to financial losses. By ensuring high efficiency in all the processes, we help mitigate losses in an organisation.

Improve Lives

Most business fail in first 5 years. And those that succeed continue a journey filled with stress and tension. We envision a world with Entrepreneurs and Employees living a happy, and peaceful life. We would like to bring that change through our Software Solutions in Businesses.

Increase Profits

Productivity goes up, losses comes down, focus on growth increases and customers are also happy; the automatic result of this is increased profits and sustained profitable growth.


We Deliver Solution with
the Goal of Trusting Relationships

What makes us Unique?

Solutions and not Products
We believe that each individual is different and therefore each business is different. We create and develop specific software solutions for each customer ensuring that their uniqueness is preserved and they can maintain their competitive advantage in market and pursue their growth ambitions without compromise due to technology
Partner, not Sell
We partner with organisation and do not sell to them. Our motive is not cash flow for us, instead our motive is profitable cash flow for our customers. We ensure that our success is achieved only if our customer grow. That ensures that we keep our metrics in such a way that it first benefits our customers and as a result helps us too.
Flexible Pricing
We understand clients cash flow and we have various innovative ways to collaborate with our customers. We have complete faith in what we deliver and therefore have come up with long term partnership models with customers. We also have pricing that reflects the growth of the organisation.
Solution, not Software
We call our programmers as “Solution Engineers” and not “Software Engineers”. That is because we understand that it is not Software that makes the difference but the Solution that our software provides. Thus our focus is on how we provide Solution to the Problem with our software.