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//Our Story

What is the Story that
launched our journey?

5:15 am I was startled from my sleep due the sound of SMS on my phone. I slowly tapped my hand on the bedside table to spot my phone. With sleepy eyes I slowly peered into the bright phone screen. “Mr. Karthik has enquired for your Property. Call xxxxxxxxxx”. I jumped out of bed, excited that we received our first enquiry for our project.

It was in August 2011 after we started our Real Estate Venture in Chennai and had just advertised online on one of the marketing portals. It was exuberance when we started receiving real enquiries from customers through the marketing initiative. The excitement slowly started turning in to a problem when enquiries were so many that we were unable to track them and lost customers due to poor tracking and follow up.

I started my Software Programming journey when I was in 9th class, way back in 1995, as an extracurricular activity. I was infatuated by the world of Software Programming that I excelled in that class and also went ahead and studied over 15 different programming languages out of passion over the years.

Software was however a hobby and therefore I did my BE Mechanical Engineering and MBA in Marketing and Finance. I went to on work for 3 Multinationals for 7 years both in India and Abroad in the area of Marketing, Sales, Management. I had exposure both in Products and Service-related industries.

When tracking of sales became a burden, my instincts drew me to create a “Cloud Based Lead Management Tool” to track each enquiry with alerts so that we could have an excellent conversion with our enquiries. One problem was solved. However, soon we started facing new challenge of tracking customer requests after they had booked our property. Immediately I created a tool to ensure that all the departments ensured property tracking of activities to ensure highest customer satisfaction – Legal, Construction, Finance.

Though business was good, new challenges kept popping up. Payment outstanding, Task Management, Execution Tracking, Purchase Management, Vendor Management, Human Resource Management and so on. And I was ravishing away with my Software Solution for each of these and the tools kept saving the day for all of us.

All this happened so naturally that I didn’t even realise what was going on. A friend of mine looked at the Software Tools I created for our business and was eager to try something similar for his business. He presented the challenge his business with Inventory tracking was facing and requested me to implement a solution for it. It took me 3 days to implement a simple inventory solution for his multi branch operations for simple but effective inventory management. They have been using this solution for the last  10 years and it still works well.

He opened the door for me to explore my passion with real customers and slowly I started receiving referrals to solve business challenges and to boost business productivity through software solutions.

That was the beginning of Rejola IT Services, passion converting to serving customers, and there was no turning back…

Thomas John V T, BE, MBA
Founder & CEO